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White Willow Bark Extract 15% – 500g Pure Powder


Aspirin, the headache reliever, actually derives a similar chemical to that which is contained in White Willow (the one associated with White Willow is called Salicin) in the formula they use to make their low grade pain reliever. But White Willow extract is often thought to be a better alternative to Aspirin because it does not have the negative side effects of thinning the stomach lining or the blood.Health Benefits Provided by White Willow Bark ExtractMedicines utilizing the effects of Salicin are a dime a dozen on the market but Salicin is often thought of as better because it is a natural alternative with fewer and rarer negative side effects.Salicin and the other antioxidants that make up willow bark can go on to prevent the healthy cells in the body from being damaged by harmful free radicals.

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