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Vitamin E Acid Succinate – 1kg Pure Powder


Vitamin E is fat soluble and can be found in either natural or synthetic form on many different foods. It acts as a powerful antioxidant and is absorbed by the cell walls so that it can protect against damage from free radical molecules which seek to harm healthy cells. Not only that, but it assists in guarding against damage from other toxins as well. Those who have trouble absorbing fats will usually also suffer from Vitamin E deficiency as it is so related to fats. Symptoms associated with a deficiency of Vitamin E are abnormal eye activity, muscle weakness, loss of muscle, unsteady walking, and even blurry or impaired vision. Being deficient for too long can also result in issues with the kidney or liver that may be irreversible. On a lighter note though, having a slight deficiency in Vitamin E is not at all abnormal. This nutrient may be found in many different natural sources including various vegetable oils, green veggies, whole grains, and nuts.Health Benefits Provided by Vitamin E Acid SuccinateThe most important role that Vitamin E has in the body is to keep up the integrity of cellular structure and prevent damage to the skin while also promoting healing of the skin after it has already been damaged. Vitamin E is also revered for its ability to prevent or at least slow down the oxidation process of fats and other types of nutrients.Vitamin E is not only able to protect the skin, but also provides a protective membrane around the eyes, liver, testes, and breast, the parts of the body that are most prone to oxidation.One thing that seems to be true for most antioxidants is that they tend to work well with other antioxidants. This means that when taken in conjunction with Vitamin C, Beta-Carotene, etc., the effects of each antioxidant will actually be magnified.Vitamin E may have a strong effect on the elasticity of the skin, but it also has this same effect on arterial elasticity. This means that blood can flow, free of obstruction, and keep the arteries from being clogged.One particularly threatening aspect of oxidation is its potential to deconstruct and damage DNA, but this troubling aspect can be prevented when Vitamin E is present.

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