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Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) – 1kg Pure Powder


Vitamin B6 can be destroyed easily through food processing and from extended exposure to the sunlight. Most refined foods lose Vitamin B6 in the refining process, and even cooking a food will cause most of the Vitamin B6 concentration to be lost if not all. This means foods being taken specifically for their Vitamin B6 content must be stored and prepared appropriately or you risk losing the entire point of them.Pyridoxine may be used immediately after consuming and makes its way quickly from the liver into the blood stream. Anyone who is taking up a diet involving fasting or in any way causing a reduction of food intake will usually also result in the loss of vital Vitamin B6. At the end of the day once you have eaten, most Vitamin B6 consumed will be expelled in the urine, and the rest will have been either used by the body or stored in the muscle. It takes Vitamin B6 about 8 hours to go fully through the system.The highest concentrations of Vitamin B6 are found in organ meats and whole grains; however dairy products such as eggs and yogurt are appropriate sources as well. Vitamin B6 may also be found in various nuts and legumes, and fruits such as bananas and prunes. Vegetables containing Vitamin B6 include cabbage, potatoes, and cauliflower. This vitamin may also be found in high quantity in avocado.Health Benefits Provided by Pyridoxine HCLThis vitamin is involved in many different metabolic functions and usually works as a coenzyme in them to make sure that this metabolism all goes according to plan. Vitamin B6 is especially essential for amino acid metabolism and it is also used in the production of GABA.Pyridoxals in general facilitate the metabolism and conversion to energy of all food types and are instrumental in helping to release energy that has been stored for later use in the muscles. It also helps to produce both red blood cells and new antibodies and keeps up synthesis of DNA and RNA.Most amino acids are made up of various proteins and come from foods that are major sources of protein. This means that the effects that Vitamin B6 has on metabolism of amino acids can be extended to proteins in general. Pyridoxals are essential to the metabolism of amino acids and proteins because they are the chemicals that allow amino acids to break through the intestines and actually work their way into the blood stream. Pyridoxine HCL has the ability to build, break down, and alter the form of various amino acids.If one should become deficient in Pyridoxine HCL it is so important to all bodily processes that it will become obvious that this has happened because symptoms will be recognized all throughout the body. The symptoms for Pyridoxal deficiency are actually in line with the symptoms for riboflavin and niacin deficiency as well and include muscle weakness, irritability, nervousness, and depression.

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