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Valerian Root Extract 5:1 – 1kg Pure Powder


Health Benefits Provided by Valerian Root ExtractValerian acts as a mild sedative which is a capability that can be used to treat a variety of equally mild conditions. It does this by causing the body to produce excess GABA. If Valerian is taken through the mouth it can cause the time that it takes for one to fall asleep to be reduced by quite a lot. It can also improve quality of sleep.Valerian is often combined with St. John’s Wort because it causes it to work better. There are medications which are routinely prescribed to help with sleep issues however Valerian root is often prized over these medications because it is natural and safe while having gentler effects. Those who suffer from insomnia prefer this supplement because it is a less harsh alternative to their synthetic medications. In Germany it has been approved for official use in treating sleep disorders.

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