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Taurine – 1kg Pure Powder


If there is not enough taurine in the body, this can cause levels of nitric oxide to be raised, which, if at a high enough level, can cause blood flow and flow of oxygen through the blood to be significantly stymied in their travel to the muscles. Taurine is derived from the reaction between methionine and cysteine when they become synthesized together.Taurine does not only add to muscle mass though, it also transports certain nutrients through the cell wall such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. This keeps each individual cell healthy by electrically stabilizing the outer membrane using just the right amount of nutrients. Taurine allows for extra nerve impulses which better regulates muscle usage and keeps the level of ions located within a cell at a more acceptable level.Taurine affects the brain in such a way that it is useful to both the nervous system and the functioning of the heart too. Chenodeoxychloic acid, one of the types of bile found in the stomach with the most abundance is made up of taurine as a chief component. This means that in a sense, taurine is also indirectly important in breaking down fats to be used by the body ads energy. It is necessary for this type of bile to be present in order for the body to absorb vitamins which have been dissolved into fatty solutions. Thus, taurine is a necessary amino acid in that it allows for the digestion of fat soluble vitamins.Taurine is typically associated with energy drinks but also has many natural sources including meat and fish, dairy products, and brewer’s yeast. Taurine is not protein integrated, making it one of the free amino acids which comes in higher quantities in the body.Health Benefits Provided by TaurineTaurine is easily dissolved in water and is able to neutralize specific molecules which eventually result in the genesis of free radicals, molecules which damage the healthy cells in the body. In this sense it has antioxidant capabilities. Taurine is in fact very useful to the immune system, so much so that when someone is suffering from a deficiency of taurine, the immune system is greatly weakened. Taurine is found in its highest concentrations in the white blood cells. Taurine does not only aid in immune system performance though, it also helps detoxify the body, and it helps to promote the integrity of cellular structures, and keeps calcium levels in the body regulated too. Athletes like to use taurine because it keeps stamina up by reducing the pain felt after exercise and also, functioning very similar to creatine, allows muscles to stay directly hydrated, adding to their overall volume.

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