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Pure Biotin (Vitamin B7) – 50g Pure Powder


Aside from this, Biotin is also useful in the process of synthesizing Glucose, amino acids and fatty acids. It assists in the manufacture of carboxylase enzymes which ensure that skin cells and hair follicles are well maintained and grow at a healthy rate. Biotin also keeps the bone marrow, nerve tissues, and blood cells healthy and strong. It can be found in small pockets throughout the body in locations such as the brain, muscles, and liver. It can also be naturally synthesized to some extent within the human body by the bacteria located in the intestines. This allows small amounts of Biotin to be circulated throughout the body daily and to be used for day to day needs.It is normally found in foods such as egg yolk, certain types of cereal, nuts, beans, and liver. While Biotin can handle being stored in heat and light, the heat involved in the cooking process can cause Biotin-rich foods to lose their stores of Biotin upon extended exposure. In other words, processed foods, even if they originally contained high levels of Biotin, this will be a poor source of it. Higher levels of Biotin are found in fresh foods and thus, will provide greater benefits to overall health.Health Benefits Provided by BiotinBiotin is a Coenzyme for several important enzymes that are essential in the process of metabolizing various fats, sugars, and proteins, and converting this output into energy to be used to fuel the body. Taking Biotin as a supplement, its primary use is to help to strengthen nails and hair. It can actually help to repair brittle or cracking nails and hair follicles, and contribute to a general level of overall health once these are repaired.Biotin deficiency can be caused by several things, by prolonged exposure to anti-seizure medication or antibiotics, or by the excessive consumption of raw egg whites which contain a protein that binds with, and neutralizes, Biotin. This deficiency shows itself in the form of hair loss or a red rash that may surround the eyes, mouth, nose, or genitals. The neurological effects that Biotin deficiency may have can be milder such as tiredness or depression, and they can be much worse such as numbness of the extremities as well as terrifying hallucinations.

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