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Potassium Iodate – 50g Pure Powder


Iodine is needed in order for the Thyroid glands to function appropriately. These glands control the flow of certain very important hormones throughout the body, and without Iodine, the hormones will be incorrectly produced as Iodine is one of the essential ingredients that goes into these hormones. Far from merely controlling some nondescript hormones, the Thyroid controls metabolism to some extent, aids in the conversion between food and energy, keeps human growth and development in check, and it helps to keep body temperature at normal levels.Not taking the correct amount of Iodine daily may result in Iodine deficiency which can then result in Hyperthyroidism. This causes the Thyroid to grow and expand in trying to keep up with the body’s demand for hormones. This could cause the development of a goiter that will be very visible on the body. Hyperthyroidism symptoms include a reduction in mental capabilities, depression, fatigue, dry or itchy skin, muscle cramps and pains, leg swelling, and heightened cholesterol levels.If this disease continues untreated it may result in puffiness of the eyes, decrease in body temperature, heart rate reduction, general heart issues, and accumulation of fluid in or around the lungs, which can be very dangerous. In its most severe forms, Hyperthyroidism may even lead to a special kind of coma.If a woman has Iodine deficiency while pregnant, this may significantly diminish the mental capabilities of the infant once it is born, along with speech problems, problems with movement, stunted growth, and general apathy (which is never a good sign in children). In essence, Iodine deficiency will lead to mental retardation in children. In fact, Iodine deficiency is generally thought to be one of the most common and preventable causes of brain damage. It can even lead to stillbirth and miscarriage if symptoms are severe in the pregnant women. Should this deficiency be corrected, studies have shown that children are more likely to survive.A general American diet will have the necessary daily values of Iodine to function well, but in developing countries it has been found that about 30% of the population is subject to Iodine deficiency.Health Benefits Provided by Potassium IodatePotassium Iodate is mainly used as a way of supplying the body with much needed Iodine. It is a much more important chemical than most people realize and is quite important for sustaining normal functioning and health.

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