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Octacosanol 30% Polycosanol 99% – 25g Pure Powder


Octacosanol can cause a rise in the efficiency of physical activity because it helps the body make better use of oxygen and circulate it faster. This is an especially important use of octacosanol when performing exercises at higher altitudes or when the body is under a lot of stress. After having worked out for a long time, this will result in shortness of breath. However, octacosanol can improve the body’s circulation of the oxygen taken during these short breaths resulting in reduced fatigue.Octacosanol aside, the wheat germ that it comes from has many beneficial vitamins and minerals in it that make it useful for the body as well. A few of these important components are Vitamin E, some vitamins from the B chain, and minerals such as zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, and copper just to name a few.Wheat germ oil is in many ways more effective than simply taking its oil extract as many minerals are lost in the titration process. Also the pure vitamin E present in the resulting oil contains a high caloric content which can cause weight gain over time. However, the concentrated Vitamin E in the oil provides a much greater dose than would be present in regular wheat germ and sometimes this is necessary to establish good bodily health, particularly if the supplement is being topically applied. In order to balance the intake of vitamins and minerals it may be wise to supplement wheat germ along with this wheat germ extract.Health Benefits Provided By OctacosanolOctacosanol and wheat germ are great sources of numerous different types of vitamins and minerals, particularly in the case of Vitamin E which is good for skin health. Not only that, but wheat germ also contains lineolic acid which can by synthesized into both of the essential omega fatty acids which in turn promote good heart health and help prevent heart disease. Also, because this stimulates the transfer of fats, this makes wheat germ a good supplement for athletes that are trying to burn fat and gain muscle and energy.

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