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N,N, Dimethyl Glycine Anhydrous – 1kg Pure Powder


Dimethyl Glycine (DMG) is a nutrient which can be found in many different foods, with particularly high concentrations existing in legumes and grains. It can also be manufactured by the body to a small degree. Taken as a supplement, DMG is able to facilitate the creation of many different chemicals through enzymatic reactions, including but not limited to Choline, Methionine, and other important neurotransmitters. The substance known as Betaine that DMG is so often compared to is essentially actually just a Glycine which has been attached to three different methyl groups. This separates it from Dimethyl Glycine by only one methyl group.Since DMG is so closely related to Glycine, it is also an important component in the production of energy for the body. It can assist in the exercise process by easing the pain felt by straining muscles and in reducing fatigue felt after particularly draining exercise. Glycine is considered nonessential, but is very important in the formation of various muscle tissues and it also helps with the maintenance of the digestive and nervous systems, keeping them in working order. By increasing the amount of Creatine as well as the amount of Glucose in the body, Glycine is able to create even more energy and assist in the growth of muscles, while also regulating levels of blood sugar. Glycine can be found at very high concentrations throughout the body, but particularly in the muscles, collagen and skin.Glycine is actually necessary in order for a good healthy digestive system to be kept intact by producing more bile that breaks down fats and separates nutrients out of food that can be used by the cells later. For this reason Glycine is the chief ingredient in most commercially bought antacids.Health Benefits Provided by N,N-Dimethyl Glycine AnhydrousDMG can increase the effectiveness of the immune system while also helping cells to make better use of oxygen. It also functions as an antioxidant preventing healthy cells from being damaged by free radicals, in an indirect fashion. Lactic Acid is an acid that is credited with, when built up in large amounts over time, damaging muscle tissue. DMG is useful because it has the ability to neutralize this harmful acid, so not only does it promote muscle growth, but it actually discourages muscle degradation.

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