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Niacin (Vitamin B3) – 500g Pure Powder


Of all of the B vitamins, Niacin is considered to be one of the most stable. It is water soluble and it is vital in sustaining life. It resists the effects of those elements which may cause erosion such as wind, heat, light, alkali, and acids. Its appearance is in the form of white powder with crystalline grains. Both Niacinamide and Niacin are soluble in alcohol and water, and are quite rapidly absorbed into the digestive system once consumed. The body often won’t store extra amounts of these vitamins within the liver; however the majority of it is usually expelled during urination.One of the most important roles of Niacin is in its ability to help clear the body of toxins, hence the term “Niacin flush” which it is sometimes associated with, and the reason that Niacin is often found in such high stores in the liver, the detoxification center of the body. It is also necessary in stimulating the adrenal gland at certain points in order to increase hormone production and synthesize certain hormones. It can speed up general chemical reactions controlled by enzymes at a cellular level. These reactions include, but are not limited to processes which strengthen cell integrity and also produce energy for the body to use, meaning that without Niacin, the body would operate much more slowly, would be much weaker, and would also not be able to build many energy reserves. Through this indirect influence it helps the production of DNA, in the breakdown and metabolizing of fats, and in the general maturation of each individual cell.The body is often in great need of Niacin, and being able to provide this level of Niacin can be difficult without correct dietary scheduling. Foods that are high in protein are a great source of Niacin because the body can later convert amino acids such as Tryptophan (one that is found in high stores in turkey) into Niacin. Some foods which are great sources of Niacin include fish, poultry, eggs, beans, and other dairy. Niacin also blocks fats from making their way into the blood stream to some extent, so there is not such a high content of free-roaming fats in the blood stream. Because of this ability, anyone that is taking medications which alter the amount of fat in the blood should consult a doctor before use, lest the effects of this supplement exacerbate the effectiveness of their medication. Health Benefits Provided by NiacinTaking Niacin at about 20mg per day or more has been shown in many scientific tests to increase overall metabolism. Taking too much Niacin can over time cause a slowdown or stoppage of the body’s breakdown of fats.Niacin is an excellent supplement for vegetarians, vegans, and people who frequently consume alcohol. This is because diets that are low on meat are also low on Niacin since some of the largest stores of Niacin come from Tryptophan. Also, taking too much alcohol can inhibit the body’s ability to correctly absorb Niacin. Therefore, these demographics may benefit from taking an additional Niacin supplement to help even out their dietary lack of Vitamin B3. Niacin deficiency is actually quite prevalent among Americans, with symptoms including dementia, canker sores, gastrointestinal problems, low blood sugar, muscle tension and pains, inflammation of the skin, insomnia, fatigue, digestion problems, dizziness, headaches, and a whole host of other problems. Pellagra is a fatal disease which is often associated with extreme Niacin deficiency in the diet. This can result in debilitating mental issues, skin problems and additional gastrointestinal symptoms if left untreated. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to keep up Niacin levels in the body.

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