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N-Acetyl L-Glutamine – 500g Pure Powder


Glutamine is by far the most important of all of the amino acids when it comes to metabolism. It is the main source of fuel used by cells to complete the process of transferring fats, sugars, etc into usable energy that the body can store for later. This is because glutamine can be stored in the body and later converted into glucose, one of the chief energy providers for the body, whenever the body is in need of more energy. This is what makes this supplement such an attractive option for high endurance athletes with strict training regimens. It is taken not only to considerably raise energy levels, but also to help the body more effectively burn fat, while adding on to overall muscle mass. On a note of more general interest, glutamine is important in DNA and RNA synthesis and in the maintenance of bodily alkaline levels.Because glutamine is an energy source, it can be significantly reduced once exercise has taken place. Levels will stay at a low until the person has completely recovered from the exercise. Taking a glutamine supplement may make for a reduction in recovery time, as it may help replace the lost amount as it is being used. This may be particularly effective if the supplement is taken right before the exercise occurs.Glutamine is considered a nonessential acid, which means that the body can naturally manufacture it without supplementation. It is sometimes considered fuel for the brain too, as it is one of the few acids with the ability to make it beyond the blood-brain barrier. It can be found in a variety of different foods including legumes, meats and fish, dairy, and various protein powders.Health Benefits Provided By N-Acetyl L-GlutamineGlutamine is important in building the muscular content of the body especially during periods of intense exercise. It helps to create energy for the body and also promotes increased cognitive functioning. Not only that, but it helps control blood sugar levels, protein levels, and assists in the creation of new cells to line the intestinal tract which help further in the creation of energy.Glutamine can be converted into another acid known as glutamic acid by the brain. This then acts as a neurotransmitter. Without glutamine it would be impossible for the muscles to correctly synthesize proteins, thus never increasing in mass as they should.

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