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N-Acetyl L-Cysteine (NAC) – 1kg Pure Powder


Cysteine is still quite useful alone though, as it is necessary for the sulfation cycle to take place. The sulfation cycle results in overall detoxification of the body as well as a reduction of stress that results from oxidation all around which means that this benefits physical fitness.Health Benefits Provided by N-Acetyl L-CysteineNAC is able to neutralize free radicals that roam throughout the body damaging healthy cells. NAC, being a precursor to glutathione, indirectly causes an increase of immune system efficiency. NAC may also reduce harm caused by the overuse of Tylenol. It does this so well that it is actually used as a treatment for acetaminophen poisoning by doctors. NAC does this by increasing the functioning of the liver and breaking down accumulated mucus.

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