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Milk Thistle Extract Powder – 1kg Pure Powder


Milk Thistle is mainly made up of Flavonoid compounds including Isosilybin, Silibinin, Silybin, and Silymarin. The latter is the active ingredient in milk thistle and is the element that gives it its antioxidant and liver protecting properties.Silymarin protects the liver by stopping the release of enzymes which are known to be toxic to the liver. In addition, it also has the ability to permanently alter the membrane surrounding a cell to prevent any outside chemicals or toxins from entering and infecting them. Milk Thistle contains beta hydrochloride which enhances the already strong protective elements of Milk Thistle. Silymarin also enhances protein synthesis in the liver and slows the oxidizing process of Glutathione.Health Benefits Provided by Milk ThistleMilk Thistle has very powerful antioxidant properties which even give the prominently recognized Vitamins E and C a run for their money. In fact Milk Thistle has even been studied for its ability to both support and protect the liver.Milk Thistle has in the past been used as a treatment for liver poisoning that was caused by the consumption of poisonous mushroom caps. Charcoal which is the treatment that is typically used for these types of situations has been proven to not be as effective as Silymarin in such instances. This study was performed by several European organizations.

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