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Manganese Gluconate – 500g Pure Powder


Manganese is needed in order for Collagen to be formed which is useful in a number of ways, but particularly in its ability to reduce joint damage. It is also part of the principal antioxidant enzyme used by mitochondria to protect cells from free radicals. Also, in the way of more traditional usefulness, Manganese facilitates more effective transportation and absorption of various minerals.It is useful for those that are involved in high intensity workouts, as athletes usually take high protein diets and taking too much protein can cause a reduction in the body’s overall levels of manganese.Manganese can also be supplemented through dietary means. It can be found in a host of different natural sources including raisins, avocados, seaweed, lemongrass, blueberries, parsley, egg yolks, legumes, oranges, broccoli, and the list goes on.Health Benefits Provided by Manganese GluconateManganese is necessary in order to correctly metabolize fats and proteins. It may also increase the effectiveness of the immune system as well as bone strength, muscle mass, and Collagen production. It keeps the blood sugar at a constant balanced level and is even necessary in energy production at a cellular level.Manganese helps to synthesize enzymes present in fatty acids and cholesterol and it is responsible for signaling the enzymes which produce DNA and RNA respectively. Manganese is needed in order to take oxygen from water, in order to stimulate certain sex hormones and in order to deal with blood clotting.Manganese is needed for the body to absorb Vitamin B1 and Vitamin E. Not only that, but Manganese works well when combined with B vitamins and increases their effectiveness as well as its own.

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