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Magnesium L-Aspartate – 500g Pure Powder


Magnesium L-aspartate is one of the most easily absorbed types of magnesium supplement available. It goes down very smoothly too, as opposed to certain other forms which may cause diarrhea if used slightly in excess. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals in the body, thus making magnesium L-aspartate a great way for the body to replenish low levels of magnesium without being too demanding. Since magnesium is needed for at least three hundred different bodily reactions to take place, it is quite necessary to maintain high levels of it. Because this form of magnesium is so readily absorbed, it is considered one of the most powerful magnesium based supplements.Magnesium is a requirement in the synthesis of various chemicals such as nucleic acid, fat, protein, etc. It assists in the body’s ability to make use of glucose and is important in the process of transferring energy throughout the body due to its relation to glucose. It keeps the heart healthy by dilating the arteries and blood vessels to an acceptable level. Without magnesium, blood vessels in the body may begin to shrink and cause blood flow throughout the body to be stymied dangerously. Magnesium also helps keep up levels of oral health and immune system efficiency.Magnesium can be found in a wide variety of foods, including beans, nuts, grains, green vegetables especially of the leafy variety, and many types of seafood just to name a few nonspecific areas. Unfortunately, even though magnesium is found in so many different foods, contemporary diets do not have much room for these specific kinds of foods so it may be prudent to supplement if this is the case for you personally.There are a few different groups of people that are at a higher risk for suffering magnesium deficiency. This list includes the elderly, people that use diuretics excessively, and diabetics. Women who take “the pill” as a form of contraception are a part of this overarching group to. Many people in these groups could benefit greatly from magnesium supplementation to increase overall bodily health.Health Benefits Provided by Magnesium L-Aspartate 12%Magnesium is an absolutely essential nutrient and acts as a cofactor in around three hundred different bodily reactions. Magnesium is necessary to be present in the body in order for ATP, the chemical which promotes energy production and storage, to function correctly. It is also needed in order for proteins to work correctly and for muscles to maintain functionality. Not only that, but magnesium is important in the formation of bones and teeth. It helps the body produce the necessary amount of insulin, keeps the heart beating at a steady pace, and facilitates the breakdown of various proteins to be used by the body.If you remain unconvinced of magnesium’s benefits, there are many negative symptoms associated with magnesium deficiency. These include nausea, low blood pressure, confusion, muscle spasm, insomnia, slow nail growth, seizure, difficulty breathing, sleep disorders, general irritability, and restless leg syndrome.It has also been shown that the efficiency of magnesium supplementation increases greatly when taking calcium supplements along with it. For best results it is recommended that magnesium be consumed at a 1:2 ratio with calcium. This is because magnesium indirectly controls the enzyme which allows calcium to be absorbed correctly. Therefore without high levels of magnesium, not only will a magnesium deficiency be suffered, but a calcium deficiency as well.

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