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Magnesium Carbonate – 1kg Pure Powder


Magnesium is a requirement in the synthesis of various chemicals such as nucleic acid, fat, protein, etc. It assists in the body’s ability to make use of Glucose and is important in the process of transferring energy throughout the body due to its relation to Glucose. It keeps the heart healthy by dilating the arteries and blood vessels to an acceptable level. Without Magnesium, blood vessels in the body may begin to shrink and cause blood flow throughout the body to be stymied dangerously. Magnesium also helps keep up levels of oral health and immune system efficiency.Magnesium can be found in a wide variety of foods, including beans, nuts, grains, green vegetables especially of the leafy variety, and many types of seafood just to name a few nonspecific areas. Unfortunately, even though Magnesium is found in so many different foods, contemporary diets do not have much room for these specific kinds of foods so it may be prudent to supplement if this is the case for you personally. There can even be situations in which Magnesium is lost much more rapidly than a Magnesium rich diet can make up for. This can be sped up by vomiting, diarrhea, issues involving the intestine’s ability to absorb magnesium correctly, etc.There are a few different groups of people that are at a higher risk for suffering Magnesium deficiency. This list includes the elderly, people that use diuretics excessively, and diabetics. Women who take “the pill” as a form of contraception are a part of this overarching group to. Many people in these groups could benefit greatly from Magnesium supplementation to increase overall bodily health. It has also been shown that the efficiency of Magnesium supplementation increases greatly when taking Calcium supplements along with it. For best results it is recommended that Magnesium be consumed at a ratio of 1:2 with Calcium.Health Benefits Provided by Magnesium CarbonateAs it turns out, Magnesium is a necessary component for all cells in the body to function normally. Half of the total Magnesium found in the body is located in tissue, organs, etc., while the other half is found bound with Calcium in the bone. There is a use for all Magnesium. There is a remaining 1% of Magnesium after these calculations are done and this 1% is located in the bloodstream. The body constantly needs to keep the Magnesium content in blood at a balanced level.Magnesium is necessary in three hundred or more different reactions in the body. It also helps keep bones strong and durable, it keeps the heart going at an acceptable pace, and it also establishes the normal function of muscles and nerves. Without Magnesium it would be almost impossible to synthesize or metabolize proteins and energy correctly.The Carbonate content in Magnesium causes this to be identified as an alkaline. It is often found in antacid brands and is used to assist when an excess of stomach acid is causing abdominal pain.Magnesium Carbonate is also used to absorb water and prevent caking, giving it prominent use in talcum and in some powdery supplements. In fact, Morton brand salt, one of the most popular brands of salt in the world has now been using Magnesium Carbonate in their product for over 100 years to prevent individual granules of salt from sticking together when the atmosphere they were stored in became too humid. Because of its use in talcum powder, it has found much use as a softener and can be found in a few different skin products, especially facial masks.

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