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L-Valine – 1kg Pure Powder


L-Valine is important in keeping nitrogen balance in check and is also needed for the development of the muscles. It is considered an essential amino acid because the body cannot provide significant enough amounts on its own. It must be found through supplementation or other dietary means.L-Valine and other BCAAs are usually processed in the liver. They go through the metabolic process in the muscles and thus, they influence the way that muscles recover after intense exercise.L-valine is important for lowering the speed of muscle breakdown during exercise and for increasing the rate of glucose production. It also helps tryptophan, phenylalanine, and tyrosine become more easily transmitted to and from the brain.Like other BCAAs when it is being processed in the liver it also possesses the ability to help the liver remove harmful toxins and it is also able to use the nitrogen created there to transport it to other areas of the body to help remove toxins there as well.Athletes who are constantly exercising and those that have restricted themselves to low protein diets should consider supplementation of valine because their levels will generally be lower due to their lifestyle. When taking this supplement it is best to take it with two parts leucine and one part isoleucine to every part of valine in order to make sure amino acid content in the body stays balanced.Many natural food sources also contain high valine content though. These include green leafy veggies, meats, soy protein, beans, milk, peanuts, and mushrooms.Health Benefits Provided by L-ValineIn order for muscles to metabolize correctly, valine is needed. Valine is also important for tissue repair, though what sets it apart from other BCAAs is that it is mostly responsible for maintaining nitrogen levels and for acting as a direct energy source for muscles.After intense exercise, levels of valine are usually lowered significantly. Therefore it is best to take valine one hour before exercise to help balance out what is lost before it is lost.

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