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L-Tryptophan – 50g Pure Powder


The body needs tryptophan in order to produce vitamin B3. Some nutritionists are of the opinion that as long as tryptophan is taken regularly one may never need to supplement vitamin B3. However, in order for tryptophan to work correctly there need to be adequate amounts of vitamin B6 in the body. It also needs adequate amounts of vitamin C, B9 and magnesium. Tryptophan from food sources can be found in chocolate, bananas, oats, milk, other dairy, meats, and peanuts.Health Benefits Provided by TryptophanTryptophan is needed in order to produce serotonin and is needed in order to regulate mood. Serotonin helps to relieve certain negative mental conditions or thoughts like depression or aggressive behavior, and regulates sexual desire and anxiety.Tryptophan is generally famous for its high levels in turkey, and is cited as one of the reasons so many people become sleepy after thanksgiving dinner. However, tryptophan is just as common in other meats. It is needed in order to synthesize niacin and in order to manufacture the enzymes needed to convert other vitamins and minerals.

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