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L-Threonine – 500g Pure Powder


Threonine helps keep protein balance up and also generally helps make the body more easily absorb important nutrients. This is especially true during exercise, meaning that if threonine is taken prior to exercise, the other supplements taken beforehand will be absorbed more efficiently.Most meat products work as good sources of threonine and even though it is an essential nutrient, even among vegetarians, deficiencies are relatively rare. However, vegans and vegetarians who are totally rigid in their diet may want to consider threonine supplementation. Threonine deficiency may lead to side effects such as emotional outbursts, confusion, and problems with the digestive system and liver.L-threonine Health BenefitsThreonine is found in many different proteins in the body as it is part of what makes many of them up. It also helps in the formation of tooth enamel and elastin as well as collagen. It does this through facilitating the production of serine and glycine which then go on to be used to form collagen and elastin. It is also integral in the body’s natural healing process once an injury has occurred.Threonine may also be converted into glucose in the liver. It can be used to help with digestion, cardiovascular functioning, the immune system functions (through the genesis of new antibodies), the nervous system, and the liver.

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