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L-Proline – 500g Pure Powder


Collagen is much like glue for cells in that it is able to help give shape and support to blood vessels, organs, bones, the liver, and kidneys. It also helps keep teeth securely tethered to the gums and assists in the maintenance and repair of blood vessels, bone fractures, and bruises. Proline also works in tandem with vitamin C and lysine to help maintain the integrity of collagen.Though proline is synthesized by the body, often the amount that is actually produced is not enough. It is mainly found through dietary means in animal products. Extra sources are so few and far between that a vegetarian may need to supplement in order to get the correct amount. Proline is also used to some extent in energy production which is why it is found in so many sports drinks.Health Benefits Provided by L-ProlineL-Proline is needed to form collagen and collagen is one of the most important building blocks that make up the visible human body on the surface of and beneath the skin. Collagen is a connective tissue that keeps up the health of blood vessels, bones, organs, and teeth. It is an absolute necessity to maintain all of the elements that keep collagen working strong. Proline may be reduced after exercise so it might be best to recharge on proline after exercise.

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