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L-Ornithine a-ketoglutarate OKG – 250g Pure Powder


OKG eventually results in the production of arginine which can make the pituitary gland release growth hormone to help the body grow naturally and normally. However, it also helps muscles grow in already fully grown adults. And it also helps to get rid of excess ammonia. This is important because it is ammonia that usually leads to so much fatigue and soreness of the muscles.Taking glutamine along with OKG can help even further reduce recovery time so that muscles need not be in pain days after exercise. It can help them heal and feel less sore very soon after exercise. Glutamine is also necessary in its own right for its role in the Krebs cycle and restoring energy to the body when in need of it after and during exercise. Ornithine may be found in high levels in meat and dairy products.Health Benefits Provided by L-Ornithine alpha-ketoglutarateOKG is helpful in increasing protein synthesis and in lowering the catabolism of protein. It also helps glucose be more easily absorbed into the muscles for immediate use as well as other amino acids and it even increases the production and rate of excretion of the chemicals insulin and somatropin.Not only does OKG help to expel ammonia once it is taken, but while it is in the system it slows the accumulation of ammonia meaning that your body does not take in as much while it is in the body. This is due to the fact that glutamine is retained so easily from the other properties of OKG. OKG is good for athletes that want to increase endurance and increase exercise time.On a less exercise related note, ornithine is also helpful in maintaining healthy hair and is needed in order for citrulline, glutamic acids, and proline to be produced at normal rates. These three chemicals also all help increase cellular energy production.

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