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L-Leucine – 250g Pure Powder


Leucine is one of the main ways that the body is able to produce energy. This makes it very highly sought after by athletes. The best way to take BCAA’s is together, and for this particular chain, it is best to take two parts leucine, one part valine, and one part isoleucine.Leucine may be found in a variety of sources including meats, cheeses, and wheat and soy flour. The ability for the body to metabolize protein is dependent upon there being a large propensity of leucine in the body. Body building supplements are routinely stocked with leucine as its properties allow it to effect exercise performance. It also keeps lean muscle tissue intact during exercise and keeps levels of nitrogen in the body at a balanced level.BCAAs are the most important of all amino acid types because not only do they have an immense effect on the way that muscles are built and broken down but they also help to maintain the overall working biochemistry of the body. Therefore they combine both effects of the less important amino acids into one, two, or three very important amino acids that all work synergistically.Health Benefits Provided by L-LeucineJust like valine and isoleucine, L-leucine is able to repair damaged muscles and keep blood sugar at appropriate levels. It also helps to burn fat and get rid of pervasive fats that are normally hard to get rid of through normal exercise and dieting. This makes leucine a favorite amongst bodybuilders, powerlifters, and anyone else that is trying to maximize muscle size while minimizing fat. Most BCAA’s are able to maximize muscle retention through conversion to glucose. This is the most effective of the other BCAA’s because it is converted to glucose faster than others.Leucine levels are known to decrease with every strenuous exercise regimen. They decrease immediately afterwards and will stay low for some time. To help counteract this process it is a good idea to supplement leucine one hour before beginning a particularly strenuous exercise routine.

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