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L-Histidine Base – 250g Pure Powder


Health Benefits Provided by L-HistidineHistidine is important because it helps in the growth of new tissue and the repair of old tissue. It also works to maintain the myelin sheath surrounding all nerve cells, which if compromised, would result in serious damage to the central nervous system of an irreparable nature making the connection between muscles and the brain much weaker.Histidine helps to increase the effectiveness of metabolic processes and also works to produce red and white blood cells. It jeeps blood pressure regular and helps get rid of toxins through utilization of the circulatory system. Histidine is a histamine precursor which is released by antibodies when the threat of an allergy occurs.Histidine acts as a component of quite a few different enzymes which have a direct effect on the function of neurotransmitters. It is generally found in foods with high protein content such as meats, dairy, wheat, and soy.If wanting to provide added benefit to the effectiveness of this supplement as well as your workout it is suggested that it be taken with Beta alanine so that the amount of carnosine in the body will also be increased. This will allow antioxidants to course through the body reducing fatigue and also helps make sure that muscle breakdown is slowed.

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