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L-Glutamine alpha-Ketoglutarate (AKG) – 500g Pure Powder


Glutamine is usually used by athletes as it is eventually converted into glucose, a source of energy used by the body. Alpha-ketoglutarate is important in the Krebs cycle. This is the cycle the body goes through which allows various nutrients, proteins, fats, etc to be converted into H2O and carbon dioxide in order to also create usable energy for the body.Glutamine is stored in the muscles and metabolizing organs until the body is in need of energy. Then it is released and converted into glucose when the body needs it. It is also used to keep alkaline levels balanced and to synthesize both RNA and DNA when needed.Glutamine can be found naturally in a variety of meat and dairy related sources such as fish, eggs, and other meats and dairy (and even some plants that are known to have particularly high levels of protein).Health Benefits Provided by Glutamine AKGGlutamine is important in building the muscular content of the body especially during periods of intense exercise. It helps to create energy for the body and also promotes increased cognitive functioning. Not only that, but it helps control blood sugar levels, protein levels, and assists in the creation of new cells to line the intestinal tract which help further in the creation of energy. Much of the energy that glutamine is responsible for creating goes on to power the immune system which would not be nearly as effective without the influence of glutamine.Glutamine can be converted into another acid known as glutamic acid by the brain. This then acts as a neurotransmitter. Without glutamine it would be impossible for the muscles to correctly synthesize proteins, thus never increasing in mass as they should.

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