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L-Alanine – 100g Pure Powder


L-Alanine is an amino acid. Amino acids as a group, are very important in all aspects of maintaining the physical body, especially in the building of muscles and in synthesizing proteins.Generally, Alanine is considered an nonessential acid; so if you are a healthy person that maintains average health and an average level of physical activity, supplementation and consumption of foods containing Alanine is unnecessary as the body produces enough of its own.Alanine helps to keep the body’s levels of nitrogen and glucose balanced. When glucose is broken down it creates a byproduct known as pyruvate. When the Alanine cycle occurs, this causes all excess amino acids found in the bodily tissues to be transferred to that pyruvate receptor molecule. Thus, the pyruvate molecule is then turned into Alanine and makes its way to the liver. There, the liver extracts a quantity of nitrogen from the Alanine; converting a portion back into pyruvate, where the process can then be utilized in the production of glucose once more. The nitrogen is then used to help the liver perform its natural functions. This cycle continues to perpetuate itself in a healthy body. Alanine is able to use blood sugar as energy, and then give back to that pool of blood sugar through its indirect relation to the production and processing of glucose as well as other amino acids.Alanine can be found naturally in many different dietary locations including meat, beans, seafood, yeast, brown rice bran, dairy, nuts, corn, gelatin, and other whole grains.Health Benefits Provided by L-AlanineAlanine is a provider of energy to muscle, the nervous system, and the brain. It helps to support the immune system and it also helps to metabolize acids and sugars that come from organic sources. Since alanine is essential in the production of energy, this makes it popular to supplement among athletes.During exercise routines that are more strenuous, L-alanine is distributed rapidly throughout the body into areas like the muscles. This makes it perfect to take L-alanine right before a big workout so that the muscles can be provided with a large source of energy right from the start, allowing the routine to last much longer. Alanine keeps toxins from being released during the breakdown of muscles (which occurs every time a real exercise regimen has been going on for some time) so that muscles are free to regrow and repair without having to worry about all of the terrible toxins being released as a result of that muscle building exercise. Alanine is usually derived from diets that have a standard amount of protein in them. However, if for any reason you happen to have a very low protein diet it would be best to take an alanine supplement. Alanine helps keep levels of blood sugar up even during intense exercise. Since low blood sugar is linked directly to fatigue it is believed that alanine can prevent exercisers from becoming fatigued prematurely.

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