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Inositol (Vitamin B8) – 1kg Pure Powder


Inositol precedes phospholipids which are what make up the protective casing of a cell known as the membrane. This means that Inositol is what passes electrical energy through the cellular membrane where it can be used to facilitate many bodily reactions such as the creation of energy and regular cellular maintenance. In addition to that it has the ability to transport fats away from the liver.Inositol can be found at various levels in many different types of foods including breakfast cereal, nuts, anything with bran, meats, whole grains, and many types of fruit, with oranges and cantaloupes containing the highest concentrations of Inositol.Inositol is necessary to be taken daily in order for a certain level of health to be maintained. It can actually be found all throughout the body in various concentrations, including the brain, heart, and eyes.Because Inositol can be manufactured by the body and is present in so many outside sources, few cases of deficiency are ever reported. However, if taking antibiotics over a long period of time, the body’s need for Inositol will steadily increase. In addition, taking too much caffeine over a long time will cause stores of this nutrient to become depleted; requiring supplementation eventually, especially for those that take in large amounts of caffeine commonly.Health Benefits Provided By InositolInositol is needed to maintain the integrity of the cellular membrane, especially in those cells located in the bone marrow, brain, intestines, and eyes. It does this by keeping track of what comes in and out of a cell, letting in helpful nutrients and impulses while blocking toxins and other harmful things. Inositol also has the effect of releasing Calcium content present in a cell. It moves fats from the liver and throughout cells that need it, and its most important function is found in the central nervous system since this seems to be where the highest concentrations of Inositol are found.

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