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Garlic Extract – 100g Pure Powder


The plant garlic is a perennial that comes in a bulbous shape, and has an aroma akin to an onion as well as an extremely sharp taste. There are many studies that show that consumption of garlic has significantly positive effects on general health and well-being. There are some portions of the plant which have significant clinical uses in various other drugs and medications such as garlic oil, dried garlic bulbs, and fresh bulbs.The reason that garlic contributes so well to overall health is that it contains Allicin, a chemical which has been linked to immune system strength particularly when it comes to infection from viral, bacterial, and fungal sources. There are many other active ingredients in garlic besides allicin, such as allinase, myrosinase, peroxidase, various Vitamins of the B group, Vitamin C, and other antioxidants. Garlic also has a small, but modest mineral content with such minerals as iron, zinc, and copper present in its makeup.Health Benefits Provided by Garlic ExtractGarlic Extract is able to help the immune system fight against viral, bacterial, and fungal infection thanks to the active ingredient allicin. It also contains antioxidants which help fight against free radicals that threaten to damage healthy cells in the body.

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