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Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) – 100g Pure Powder


The body’s ability to actually continually produce GABA on its own is somewhat hampered by the fact that B-chain vitamins are required for all of the reactions that take place, in order to form and eventually synthesize GABA. Therefore, to keep GABA levels high, make sure to consume foods rich in B chain vitamins, especially ones with high Vitamin B6 content. Foods high in protein are also needed for successful GABA synthesis. The best foods to fulfill these jobs would be fish (mackerel especially) and wheat bran.Health Benefits Provided by GABAGABA is essential in controlling nerve impulses in the central nervous system. This basically means that it prevents nerves from going haywire and stops things like muscle spasms from happening. GABA allows more control to be given to the brain and less to nerve misfire, which occurs when the mind and body undergo too much stress. It is so effective at doing this that recently; an analog of GABA called Gabapentin was approved for use in treating epileptic seizures.

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