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Folic Acid 1% (Vitamin B9) – 1kg Pure Powder


Perhaps the most important aspect of Vitamin B9 is its necessity in the development of children while in the fetal stage. Even though it may not be that much of a worry for most pregnant women, a folate rich diet has been recognized by the FDA to reduce the risks of pregnant women birthing children that have spinal cord defects. Defects such as spina bifida or other brain issues can be reduced as long as it is taken both before pregnancy occurs and during the duration of pregnancy. As about 3,000 pregnancies a year do result in eventual development of neural tube problems, it may be wise to take Folic Acid to protect against this.There are two different forms that Vitamin B9 can be found in. This includes a synthetic type which is used as a food additive in many edible products such as bread, grains, and cereals. Then there is the natural type which is found in fruit juices, and green vegetables. This is the type of Vitamin B9 which is referred to as folate to differentiate from the synthetic version. The synthetic version, however, is actually better tailored for quick absorption by the body than folate.Health Benefits Provided By Folic AcidFolic Acid is instrumental in maintaining healthy nervous, immune, and digestive systems. It is utilized in the process of creating new energy for the body, helps in the formation of new red blood cells, and is also needed to correctly synthesize DNA and RNA. Proper cell division would not be possible without Folic Acid./p>Not only does Folic Acid generate red blood cells, but it is also needed to replicate general bodily cells of all kinds; especially when going through rapid periods of growth or aging in which new cells are constantly being created again and again. Folate helps in the replication of DNA and in sustaining average count of red blood cells within bone marrow.Folic Acid facilitates the conversion of S-Adenosyl methionine into glutathione, which helps in the detoxification of the liver. In fact Folic Acid is so important to the human body that the FDA actually requires foods such as bread, corn meal, rice, pasta, noodles, and other grainy foods to be fortified with certain concentrations of Folic Acid. When Folic Acid is being consumed it is best to be taken with Vitamin B12 or Vitamin C in order to facilitate more effective break down and creation of new proteins for later use by the body.Taking Folic Acid before and during pregnancy is highly recommended and very important to having a healthy child. Not only do doctors prescribe Folic Acid supplements routinely for pregnant women, but they also recommend eating foods high in Folic Acid content. Anyone that is deficient in Folic Acid will eventually experience health problems as a result.

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