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Ferrous Gluconate – 250g Pure Powder


Iron is essential in the production of new red blood cells which are in turn, needed in the process of transference of oxygen to parts of the body that need it. When the body receives too little oxygen, this can have devastating effects which range from general fatigue to breathing issues as well as problems retaining information. Typically, Iron supplements are used to ensure that this does not happen by keeping Iron levels up.Iron is usually located in the spleen, liver and bone marrow. It is useful in the transportation of oxygen throughout the body and is also a component of neurotransmitters which help control emotions. Since about 15% of all Iron in the body is actually stored away for later use when deficiency may occur; this allows some time to occur between decreased iron intake and full blown Iron deficiency, which should be enough time to augment the diet correctly to re-include Iron.Dietary Iron comes in two different types, heme and non-heme. Heme Iron is more readily absorbed by the body than non-heme Iron and is usually found in the highest possible amounts in foods like fish and red meat. Non-heme Iron is a little more difficult for the body to fully absorb and is found in beans, flour, cereal, grains, and lentils as well as some dried fruits and strawberries.Health Benefits Provided By Ferrous GluconateFerrous Gluconate is an Iron supplement and thus can adequately prevent Iron deficiency. It contains iron which helps carry oxygen to the parts of the body that need it. It does this by creating red blood cells which are the agents that actually do the carrying of the oxygen. Ferrous Gluconate can also increase mental acuity to some degree. However, it is always best to find sources of Iron in food; Iron supplements should only be taken when all else has failed.Old red blood cells die and new ones are created every 2-4 months; and not only that, but Iron is a requirement in the metabolic process, in cell division and in cell development, in production of connective tissue, in immune system maintenance, and in the production of neurotransmitters. If Iron is not ingested in high amounts daily it can have devastating effects. High amounts must be taken because usually only about five to ten percent of all ingested Iron is actually incorporated into the body and synthesized. Heme Iron has a much better chance of being absorbed correctly than its counterpart, so it is essential that this type of Iron be taken from the right sources. Amino acids and some sugars can be useful here because they have the capability of increasing absorption. Thus, those on low calorie or no-sugar diets are more susceptible to Iron deficiency, particularly athletes.Iron deficiency is actually more common than most people imagine. It is one of the most common kinds of deficiency in the entire United States. Some other symptoms of Iron deficiency include mouth ulcers, inflammation of the ocular region, insomnia or trouble sleeping, problems breathing, menstrual pain, hair loss, and rapid heartbeat.

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