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Coral Calcium (Okinawa) – 100g Pure Powder


This particular coral is imported from Okinawa, Japan where many rich coral colonies are being built underwater. Of course due to regulations against harming living coral reefs, the Japanese government plays a very strong role in overseeing the sale of Coral Calcium. It is assured that this Calcium is taken from fossilized coral colonies rather than alive and thriving ones.There are a few different compounds which contain Calcium, and these are Calcium Carbonate, Calcium Gluconate, Calcium Pyruvate, and Calcium Lactate Gluconate. While each does provide Calcium, the amounts of elemental Calcium within each vary considerably. For example, Calcium Carbonate has 40% Calcium; while Calcium Citrate only has 21%. Calcium L-Lactate has 13%, which is more than Calcium Gluconate as it only has 9% Calcium content. This plays a major role in the decision about which one to purchase, however it must be kept in mind that this is only one factor which may affect your purchase. Other things to take into account are absorption rates, bioavailability, reactions with other drugs or supplements, height and weight of the user and even flavor or taste. Coral Calcium as a source, is particularly viable in its own way because of its high bioavailability and the other natural minerals which cannot be found in other processed Calcium sources.HEALTH BENEFITS PROVIDED BY CORAL CALCIUMBecause Calcium is found the most throughout the human body of any other mineral, it is absolutely essential to maintain high levels of Calcium in order for the body to function properly. Osteoporosis, or as it is sometimes called, ‘brittle bone’ syndrome, is caused when there is a Calcium deficiency in the body. Whenever levels of Calcium have hit a low, Calcium will actually be extracted from the bones to be redistributed throughout the body in an attempt to level out. Processes such as blood clotting and nerve impulse transmission need to be fueled by Calcium in order to operate properly. On top of that, Calcium is also important for the purposes of maintaining strong bones and teeth as well as muscle contraction. Calcium can also be useful in the binding and neutralization of generally harmful molecules in the body.One of the largest sources of calcium is in dairy, with just one small serving of dairy containing about 300mg or one fourth of the total daily value for calcium. Calcium however, is also found in many other natural sources such as seaweed, nuts, legumes and quinoa. Despite its wide distribution throughout the food pyramid, some people still suffer from hypocalcemia (or Vitamin D deficiency), which causes issues with calcium absorption. This is because calcium can only be correctly absorbed by the body with the help of Vitamin D. A good calcium rich diet or supplement routine should still include appropriate levels of Vitamin D in it for this reason. It can even be used to treat conditions brought on by low blood calcium levels because of its potency.

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