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Copper L-Aspartate 10% – 500g Pure Powder


In addition to that, Copper Aspartate can be utilized in increasing overall levels of Copper contained in the body. It is inextricably important to many enzymes that assist in the many different metabolic processes of the body. This mineral is commonly taken from a diverse array of sources such as organ meats, various types of seafood, legumes, and nuts.Copper must be supplemented and must have adequate levels maintained, as it is essential in many bodily functions necessary to sustain life and health. Copper deficiency can lead to a whole host of issues. There are a few different supplement forms that Copper is present in as an alternative mode of delivery to Copper L-Aspartate including Cupric Oxide, Copper Citrate and Copper Sulfate just to name a few. Those that have a zinc rich diet should be especially wary of their Copper levels too, as Copper and Zinc can compete for absorption. This means that a diet that has too much of one mineral will have drastically low levels of the other. The key is to find a balance between the two.This is one of the reasons that Aspartic Acid is included in this solution because it helps to increase the rate of absorption by the body and makes the system’s usage of Copper much more efficient. The Citric Acid cycle, which is the key to producing energy within each individual cell is also fueled by Aspartic Acid to some degree.Aspartic Acid is a requirement in every cell in the body for this very reason. It does this by promoting the efficient transfer of electrolytes and minerals between the digestive tract and each cell individually. It can also reduce the oxygen consumption of cells during the metabolic process which allows less energy to be expended in the creation of new energy.Copper Aspartate is a nutritional analog which means that though it is the product of synthesis, it has been tested to perform its duties as a nutritional supplement at an even higher level of effectiveness than the two or more original elements it was synthesized from. It has better absorption rates, tolerance, bioavailability, and retention than any of the parts it is made up of on their own.How to Spot Copper DeficiencyThere are a few different symptoms characteristic of Copper deficiency including increased levels of blood cholesterol, anemia, high blood pressure, stunted growth, tiredness, discolored or brittle hair, etc. This type of deficiency should never be endured over prolonged periods or it can result in irreversible damage to skeletal structure and even infertility.Luckily, Copper deficiency in humans is rare indeed, but it has been known to happen under the right circumstances. There are other symptoms such as bone fractures, low body temperature, increased susceptibility to viruses and sickness, irregular heartbeat, high cholesterol, and even birth defects. Copper deficiency can also be an inherited characteristic though this too is very rare. This is known otherwise as Menke’s disease and causes afflicted infants to be unable to appropriately or effectively absorb Copper. If you think a child may have this condition it must be taken to a doctor immediately to diagnose as this condition needs to be treated early on in life.Health Benefits Provided By Copper L-Aspartate 10%As Copper is the third most abundant mineral found in the human body, it is necessary to be present in large quantities in order to maintain generally high levels of health and adequate performance of normal bodily functions including bone growth, and protection of the skeletal and cardiovascular systems. To fully make use of the benefits of Iron, Copper is needed, and it is also a necessary component in near 50 other enzymes which need copper in order to work. Copper is a nutrient which is needed in the synthesis of collagen, and hemoglobin.Copper works in conjunction with Zinc and Vitamin C in order to form proteins which both build and protect various types of tissue and also add to their flexibility and elasticity, not to mention that it is generally useful in the maintenance of healthy skin and bones, joints, and blood vessels.Copper is an antioxidant which helps to neutralize free radicals that go around threatening to cause damage to healthy cells, and Copper is essential in the creation of Adenosine Triphosphate which is a form of energy that the body uses for power.Melanin, a skin pigment that determines the color that the hair, eyes, and skin take on, is also dependent upon large levels of Copper. When the hair begins to gray and the skin begins to grow paler due to the Copper deficiency that occurs during old age, the process may be counteracted somewhat by supplementing copper.Copper is a restorative agent that is crucial in helping skin maintain its elasticity and is one of the many active ingredients in most topical creams that can be bought commercially. It is one of the many factors that have an effect on the youthful appearance of the skin.While a person may not be considered deficient if they take less than the normal amount of Copper every day, there are many people that are not making use of the overwhelming list of benefits offered by Copper simply because they do not take enough. This is where supplementation may be useful, particularly for those that consume very much alcohol.

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