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Coenzyme Q10 (COQ10) – 25g Pure Powder


Coenzyme Q10 is specifically responsible for synthesizing adenosine triphosphate, a molecule which acts as the major energy source for each individual cell. It does this by jump starting many different biological processes including increased rate of protein production as well as muscle contraction. It is this adenosine triphosphate, coming from Coenzyme Q10, which is directly responsible for acting as a coenzyme for mitochondrial enzyme complexes, thus creating energy for the cell.Oddly enough, reindeer is one of the largest sources of Coenzyme Q10 with other meat products such as oily fish and pork coming up behind it. As few as one hundred different foods can provide Coenzyme Q10, however the ones that are found in most common diets contain far less than what would constitute a proper single serving of Coenzyme Q10.Health Benefits Provided By Coenzyme Q10In addition to acting indirectly as an energy source for every cell in the body, it also can provide services as an antioxidant in neutralizing harmful free radicals. Past age thirty though, the amount of Coenzyme Q10 in the body begins a sharp decline which causes the body to be more susceptible to damage from these harmful molecules. Coenzyme Q10 works an immune system strengthener, and as a coenzyme for various other types of enzymes which provide many different services for the body at a cellular level.Unlike other supplements, Coenzyme Q10 can actually be taken both as a dietary supplement and also as a topical rub in order for the intended effects to be experienced.Without Coenzyme Q10, the mitochondria in each cell would find it very difficult to correctly or efficiently process cholesterol and fat. It also provides the helpful service of increasing levels of blood and oxygen to be used by the heart. When Coenzyme Q10 is taken as a supplement, it is best to also supplement Vitamin E, C, or both at the same time along with it as these will both have the effect of optimizing the supplement’s overall performance.

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