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Cinnamon Bark Powder Extract – 500g Pure Powder


Cinnamon oil is something that is routinely found in common household cooking cinnamon, and in high levels it can be dangerous, and even considered toxic. Fortunately this supplement contains no such danger as it is extracted from the water soluble portions of cinnamon bark, and therefore contains none of the harmful oil present in regular cinnamon. On the plus side, it does have the same aroma and general flavor of kitchen quality cinnamon without any of the danger.Health Benefits Provided By Cinnamon Bark Powder ExtractBesides helping in the regular production of insulin and the stabilizing of blood sugar, cinnamon extract has been used to aid in the digestive process for thousands of years and is still used today in alternative medicine. This is because it contains catechins, antioxidants which can also be commonly found in other healthy things like teas. These antioxidants control levels of fat and cholesterol in the body, keeping them at healthy levels, while also keeping healthy cells safe from being damaged by free radicals.

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