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Chlorella Blue-Green Algae – 100g Pure Powder


While this type of algae grows naturally in all kinds of fresh water sources, the kind that is used by humans is cultivated in large pools and is exposed to large amounts of direct sunlight, clean water, and fresh air so as to make it as healthy and beneficial as possible. Special equipment is required to harvest these algae due to their small size. This plant reproduces once every twenty hours allowing it to spread rapidly.This algae is believed to be about 2 billion years old, and was one of the first plants to have anything that could be called a defined nucleus in its cellular structure. Despite how prevalent it is, it was not actually discovered until the 19th century. It was late in the 1800’s when it was discovered by the Dutch. After its discovery, it was researched for possible use as a source of protein. Though it was regarded as a possible food source and had sufficient nutritional properties, cultivating it in order to feed the masses after the food shortage and population boom, which took place shortly after the end of WWII, was determined to be uneconomic overall. Though these pursuits were abandoned, it was still cultivated for other specific uses, and more research resulted in more uses being discovered for this algae.Chlorella are small enough to be considered microorganisms, and each individual microorganism contains the basic structure of a cell, including a nucleus, mitochondria, cell walls made up of cellulose for protection and to hold these components together along with starch grains and chloroplasts which are present in the cellular structure of most plants.Why is Chlorella Algae Powder Popular Today?Popularity of Chlorella Algae still endures despite how old and difficult to cultivate it is. Why is this? This has to do with the adaptive history of Chlorella Algae. Because it is a freshwater plant, it had to adapt to survive periodic droughts that were very much a reality in the erratic weather patterns of the past 2 billion years. Therefore, it developed a fibrous shell around it which had two different important characteristics. It first allowed the cellular structure of the algae to be maintained as long as possible until the algae had been dried out beyond all hope. Secondly, and most importantly, this shell was used to absorb nutrients in the surrounding water to keep feeding the cell for as long as possible. This happened until the water was totally gone so that when the water returns, it is able to easily bounce back to full recovery.It is this property that makes Chlorella Algae so useful to humans. This particular powder is called ‘Chlorella Algae Broken Cell’ because the outer shell has been cracked. This allows the nutrients within the algae to be more effectively absorbed while still providing the same benefits of the outer shell to the human body and digestive tract.Health Benefits Provided By Chlorella Blue-Green AlgaeOne of the most prominent health benefits of Chlorella Algae lies in its ability to detoxify the digestive tract. The outer shell of the Chlorella absorbs all of the toxic agents that are present in the digestive tract and detoxifies the intestines as it passes through. Not only that, but the insides of the algae are chock full of nutrients including Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Folic acid, Vitamin B2, Manganese, and Iodine.Chlorella Algae helps to open up the arteries, increasing blood flow, and therefore increasing the amount of oxygen that makes it to muscle tissue and all of the important areas. It also synthesizes red blood cells to stimulate creation of new blood and the production of microscopic plant cultures within the intestine. These will continue to produce similar effects to Chlorella Algae without having to take the supplement all the time.The question about the difference between Chlorella Algae and Spirulina Algae is often brought up since the two are very similar. The biggest difference is that Chlorella Algae have higher Iron content than Spirulina which can be a benefit or a drawback depending on the individual needs of the person taking it. Pregnant women often need to have higher Iron intake to make up for the amount being taken by their child. Older men also need more Iron in their diet to strengthen their bones. However, taking too much Iron can cause oxidation which puts greater pressure on the immune system to neutralize free radicals. It’s all about personal preference and what’s best for the person in question

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