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Calcium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) – 100g Pure Powder


Health Benefits Provided By Calcium Ascorbate Buffered Vitamin CCalcium Ascorbate buffered Vitamin C is the product of combining Vitamin C with Calcium, and thus the beneficial effects of both substances come through in the end. This works because the Calcium Ascorbate solution is separated in the stomach; the acid is separated from the calcium, yielding ascorbic acid and pure calcium respectively. In addition, the Ascorbic Acid actually facilitates the process of Calcium being absorbed into cells making the Calcium that much more efficiently received. On top of that, Ascorbic Acid also assists in more efficient absorption of iron, and in providing the body with essential antioxidants to boost the performance of the immune system. This is done by neutralizing free radicals (molecules that damage healthy cells and come about as a byproduct of metabolizing food into energy) and stopping harmful reactions that take place in water dense parts of the body.Vitamin C assists in producing Collagen, which is a protein that is necessary for providing flexibility to all sorts of bodily structures like muscles, sinews and blood vessels. On top of that, it also keeps bone marrow, bones, cartilage, discs of the vertebrae, teeth, and skin all at healthy levels. In accelerating the production of Collagen, this means that Vitamin C is an essential part of the body’s healing process. Without Vitamin C it would be significantly more difficult for clots to form and thus, stifle blood from flowing excessively out of cuts and abrasions.Aside from neutralizing free radicals, there are other ways that Vitamin C is important for sustaining the success of the immune system. It helps in the production of interferon, helps leukocytes work more efficiently, and helps to maintain the integrity of the body’s various mucous membranes to ward off infection.There are four enzymes that are necessary for humans to successfully produce Ascorbic Acid on their own, and unfortunately humans only possess three of the four. Therefore, it is necessary to always consume foods rich in Vitamin C in order to satisfy the body’s needs, since it is an essential acid.

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