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Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) – 1kg Pure Powder


There three different amino acids are totally essential to sustaining human life. A human being will not be able to survive if these amino acids are not produced and consumed regularly. They are referred to as branch chain amino acids because they have a chemical structure which separates them from the rest of the amino acid family that are also considered essential. In addition, these BCAA’s make up 40% of total body protein content and represent around 15 to 25 percent of total protein intake overall.Leucine is the product of protein hydrolysis by way of various enzymes present in the pancreas. This reaction is part of the overall digestive process and is absolutely necessary in maintaining healthy growth levels in children and infants, as well as keeping regulated nitrogen levels in human adults. Valine is essential in maintaining the structure of various proteins that it has been incorporated into. Isoleucine is again, a chemical used to help stimulate the production and circulation of energy throughout the body. Each of these different amino acids is taken directly into the muscle during the metabolic process which makes them great candidates for muscle building for athletes, body builders, and anyone else that might be routinely involved in strenuous physical activity.BCAA’s are found in their greatest natural quantities in products such as red meat and many types of dairy. Protein supplements synthesized from an egg base or from whey are ideal for finding high amounts of BCAA’s. Isoleucine alone is found in just about every type of food, but particularly high amounts are usually seen in all types of meats including fish, and various cheeses. Leucine is found in more complex and refined sources of sustenance such as corn, yeast, brown rice, etc. And Valine is usually found in flour, soy, mushrooms, peanuts, and meats.HEALTH BENEFITS PROVIDED BY BRANCH CHAIN AMINO ACIDSAs mentioned before, branch chain amino acids are used as supplements among a large community of athletes and body builder types because of their properties which help improve rates of muscle re-growth and increase general energy production. This means that once the workout is over there are less negative effects afterwards such as excessive tiredness and painful joints and muscles. These BCAAs are particularly important for muscles which are attached to the skeletal structure since they act as their primary source of fuel when they are taxed by long exercise sessions.BCAAs, because of their relation and necessity to exercise are needed in higher quantities than any of the body’s other essential amino acids. They help in the building of muscle because they decrease the speed at which proteins break down while at the same time promoting their synthesis. They enter the body, and after going through the metabolic process, are turned into muscle tissue. Another way in which isoleucine is important to the body is because of its capacity to help maintain blood sugar levels along with energy levels, and in helping the healing process of bones, skin, and muscle tissue all over the body. Any healthy diet must take Isoleucine into account as it is one of the essential amino acids that is not naturally produced within the body. Leucine is essential because this BCAA is what keeps protein synthesis going on at a normal pace. Valine also helps in synthesis of glucose, a process which takes place in the liver and is useful during any time in which anaerobic activity is taking place.BCAAs may reach the pinnacle of importance as far as the life of an athlete is concerned, but they are often sought out by those that desire to maintain generally good health because of their multiple uses and healthy properties. These amino acids are metabolized, not in the liver as with most other amino acids, but in the muscle tissue, making them take instant effect during strenuous exercise, which increases their popularity among athletes. Even the smallest amount of exercise can lower levels of BCAAs, leading to feelings of exhaustion over a short time. For anyone interested in maintaining a comprehensive exercise regimen over a long period of time, BCAAs represent a great supplement to maintain this level of activity while minimizing the side effects caused by exhaustion.

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