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Biotin 1% (Vitamin B7) – 250g Pure Powder


In other words, Biotin functions as a form of Vitamin B and is a part of the same vitamin chain that it belongs to. Sometimes Biotin is even referred to as Vitamin B7, or even Vitamin H, and in some cases Coenzyme R. Biotin is involved in the essential process of turning fatty acids, sugars such as glucose, and amino acids into energy that the body can use as fuel. Biotin also plays a key role in the body’s manufacture of carboxylase enzymes which regulate the healthy growth and appearance of hair follicles and skin. In addition Biotin helps maintain healthy blood cells and bone marrow as well as strong nerve tissue.Biotin can be found naturally in the human body in small quantities. It is usually located and stored in the brain, muscle, and liver. There is also a small amount of the body’s Biotin which is directly synthesized in the intestine via the bacteria present inside that regulates daily production and need. However, this is a small amount, and in order to truly have a balanced and healthy diet, Biotin must be found in meals every once in a while. It can be found in dishes that include egg yolk, liver, nuts, grainy cereals, beans, and legumes. While processed foods may still contain some level of Biotin, if altering diet specifically for increased Biotin intake it may be best to stick with less processed foods, as the heat involved in cooking and maintaining freshness of these processed food items may inadvertently kill a lot of the Biotin available in these sources. The fresher the foods are, the higher the levels of Biotin that will be found in them.Health Benefits Provided By Biotin 1%Biotin’s main use for the human body is its ability to act as a Coenzyme during the synthesis process for a wide array of different enzymes involved in metabolizing nutrients including sugars, carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. This makes Biotin essential in the conversion of all of these energy sources into the resulting energy that they would create to then fuel the body. It also correctly allows the body to use blood sugar for the purposes of energy consumption.If one is deficient in levels of Biotin, this will become obvious due to symptoms such as hair loss, as well as a rash that can be seen anywhere from the eyes, the mouth, the nose, or the genitals. The less obvious neurological issues that may be caused by Biotin deficiency range from depression and lethargy to hallucinations, and the extremities feeling numb. The unique kind of rash that Biotin deficiency can result in is so iconic that some medical professionals may refer to it as Biotin deficient face right off the bat.Avoid Biotin deficiency by keeping away from raw egg whites and long term use of any antibiotics or anti-seizure medicines. There is a certain protein contained in egg whites that will bind with Biotin and effectively neutralize it.

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