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Beta Alanine – 250g Pure Powder


Health Benefits Provided By Beta AlanineBeta alanine is chiefly useful in increasing the longevity of endurance when doing any sort of physical activity, allowing the person taking it to exercise much longer and thus, increase their muscle mass or burn their fat much more efficiently. In addition it indirectly helps to widen the blood vessels via L-Carnosine, which increases blood flow during long bouts of physical activity.The Difference between L Carnosine and Beta AlanineTaking into account the similarities between the two and the overlap associated with both of them, one may wonder why they should bother taking Beta Alanine when L-Carnosine is a viable supplement as well. Well essentially, the problem that makes L-Carnosine less viable as a direct supplement, is that it is broken down by the body too quickly in smaller doses. It would be necessary to take much larger quantities of L-Carnosine at once to provide the same effectiveness that would come with taking a much smaller and more manageable amount of Beta Alanine. Since Beta Alanine is eventually broken down into a more sustainable and controllable amount of L-Carnosine anyway, it makes more sense to stick with Beta Alanine as your main supplement.

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