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Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C Ester) – 250g Pure Powder


Benefits Provided by Ascorbyl PalmitateAscorbyl Palmitate, being such a close relative of Vitamin C has many of the same essential roles as this compound. It is an antioxidant that is fat soluble and it assists in the maintenance of the body’s cells, immune system, collagen, tissues, gums, teeth, cartilage, and in the synthesizing of Carnitine which speeds up recovery time during exercise, etc. The list goes on.Antioxidants in the body are well known for stopping or slowing the progress of free radicals in the body and this Ascorbyl Palmitate is no exception. It also gets rid of any other things that it deems harmful that can be located in any of the watery segments of the human body.Vitamin C has an important role in the production of Collagen, which is in turn necessary for keeping the body flexible and all glued together. This “glue” goes on to help areas of the body as diverse as the vertebrae discs, bones, gums, cartilage, etc. It also helps in the healing of minor wounds and cuts and in controlling the immune system and keeping it strong.

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