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Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) – 100g Pure Powder


Taking into account the wide spectrum of the most common kinds of nutrients, Vitamin C always seems to be the most popular. When it is ingested, it instantly goes to work circulating through all of the watery areas of the human body (once it has been absorbed into the intestines, of course) and from there, helps in the fortification of Collagen while acting as an antioxidant during the trip. Vitamin C is routinely used as a food additive along with other kinds of antioxidants like Calcium salts, Sodium, and Potassium. It is for this reason that the traditional Vitamin C supplements that can be bought in stores contain not only Ascorbic Acid, but many other types of Ascorbates that fit a similar purpose.Vitamin C also has a host of other general uses. It assists in the repair of damaged tissue, in keeping up healthy levels of Collagen; and in conjunction with equally essential insoluble compounds, such as Vitamin E. Vitamin C helps these become generally more effective at what they already accomplish for the body.IS THE COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE VITAMIN C THE BIOACTIVE FORM L-ASCORBIC ACID?There has been some concern due to shady business tactics from a variety of companies that the generally available forms of Vitamin C may not be as active as would generally be desired. Well, you should feel relieved to know that this is no longer a practice that is followed by any company. Worldwide, the stock of Vitamin C on all store shelves is the bioactive form L-Ascorbic Acid.HEALTH BENEFITS PROVIDED BY ASCORBIC ACID POWDERVitamin C is most well known for its usefulness in conjunction with other enzymes and solutions. This widens the usefulness of Vitamin C considerably more from its already essential position. It is a necessary ingredient in the building of tissue, in the protection and fortification of the immune system, in Collagen strengthening, in the synthesizing of Carnitine (which is the first step in the process of cellular metabolism), and in helping to maintain bone and teeth structure. It also helps convert Tetrahydrofolic acid from Folacin.Of course it should go without saying at this point that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. Much like Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), Vitamin C is also useful in the neutralization of harmful free radical molecules, and it also helps to police any threatening activity that may be occurring in any of the watery parts of the body.Not only does Vitamin C help in the fortification of Collagen, it is actually an essential building block of this type of protein tissue. Collagen can be found throughout all parts of the body and it is what controls our body’s level of flexibility to an extent, while also strengthening blood vessels, teeth, gums, cartilage, vertebrae, etc. Vitamin C is even essential in healing minor wounds and cuts through its Collagen production.Vitamin C is an immune system stimulant and modulator. It does this by increasing production of leukocytes, and interferon which in themselves help defend against infection.

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